Physical Fitness is not a "one-size
fits all" solution. What works for one person may not
work for you.

Whether you are on a journey of weight loss or need to improve your endurance,

Marla can create a program specific to you.

Nutrition is the biggest factor in
the fitness equation.

Your body can't be healthy if you
aren't giving it the right fuel.

Too often, people use food for things
other than fuel - comfort, social gatherings, emotional
or psychological needs. Because everybody is different,
the amount of food we put in our bodies and the reasons
we do so have a profound effect on our fitness.

The amount and type of food we eat,
coupled with our activity level determines where we are
in our fitness.  It also plays an important part in fighting osteoporosis.

Marla will help you reach your fitness
goals, whatever they may be - from getting off the floor
to running a triathlon, Marla can design a program for you.


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